Skin hyperpigmentation often refers to the darkening of an area of the skin which is caused by the overproduction of melanin. Melanin is a pigment in the skin which gives you your hair and skin colour. However, skin hyperpigmentation is harmless to you.




Skin hyperpigmentation is caused by various factors which include;

• Heredity in the family-This may occur in cases where you inherit some genes which might contribute to skin hyperpigmentation from a member of your nuclear or extended family.

• Overexposure to the sun- Exposing your skin to too much sun may alter with the normal production of melanin.

• Hormonal changes-These are changes that occur in your body due to various reasons, for example when a woman is going through her monthly cycle.

• Melasma-This is a type of skin hyperpigmentation that occurs mostly during pregnancy and by using the birth control pills which may interfere with your birth control hormones.

• Skin irritations-This occurs in cases where you have acne or pimples. After healing, they leave black marks on your skin.

• Taking antibiotic medication-This medication may have some adverse effects on you in cases where it contains chemicals which may interfere with the melanin.

However, this condition has its own remedy both natural and medical. The best-known methods of clearing the black marks include;

  1. Using of sunscreen lotion which is made specifically for this kind of condition. It has its own specifications on the mode of application.
  1. Use of hydroquinone-It is a skin-bleaching agent that is used to whiten areas of your skin that are affected by this condition. This agent is not recommended for pregnant women as it may have some adverse effects on their pregnancy.
  1. Use of alpha hydroxy acids-These may be found in skin care products among the ingredients such as lactic acid. It helps remove the buildup of dead surface cells stained with pigment lessening discoloration.
  1. Use of kojic acid which is found in the whitening mask.
  1. Use of modern skin technology such as lasers and micro needling which bring about the renewal of cells in a harmless and painless way carried out by dermatologists.

In these modern times, dermatologists have invented new ways of dealing with this condition. In a case study, hyperpigmentation treatment in Singapore has gone a notch higher. Singapore has made good use of the Bio P2X treatment. It involves the use of photo pneumatic therapy which has a vacuum-assisted light device which lifts the areas affected by the skin hyperpigmentation bringing them closer removed. Some special light in the form of blue and green is deposited to the area being treated on your skin protecting the other surrounding unaffected skin. This method is harmless and very efficient because it gets deep into the pigmentation leaving no traces of skin hyperpigmentation. The method may, however, cause some peeling of the treatment area, some itching, dryness and redness among others. Thanks to this technology you notice some positive results after two weeks where there is pigment lightening. This technology is clinically proven but works best with Asian skin.