wristpainYou rely on your hands to do almost everything. Injuries or hand pain can become debilitating and can stop you from living a normal life. You can do something if you are dealing with pain or are worried about your hands. These tips from orthopaedic specialists will help you to reduce hand pain and prevent future injuries.

Do Some Hand Stretches and Exercises Each Day

The first step is to do hand stretches and exercises each day. This involves doing a series of slow extensions and contractions of your fingers, hands and wrists. You will be loosening your muscles and tendons. If the pain is not too intense, then try some basic exercises like squeezing a soft foam ball and clenching into a fist for a few seconds to strengthen your bones and muscles. You want to do this for around five to fifteen minutes once or twice a day.



The first step is to do hand stretches and exercises each day



Vary Your Hand Positions and Movements Frequently

The last thing you want to do is keep your hand in a stressful position for a long time. Vary your hand positions and movements frequently during the day. This includes when you are typing, holding something like a cup or using a tool. Change the hand position every ten minutes to so. This will reduce pain and prevent stress that could lead to pain or injuries.


wrist pain prevention

Vary your hand positions and movements frequently during the day


Think Ergonomically

If you have to work or perform a task for hours each day, then start thinking ergonomically. You want to arrange your work area to be as gently on your hands and wrists and possible. Keep the main work area directly in front of you. Relax your shoulders and let your arms hang. Your forearms should be parallel to the ground and not angled upwards. Ensure you have a full free range of motion and take breaks every 20 to 30 minutes.

Consider Wearing a Splint

If you are experiencing occasional or constant hand pain, then consider wearing a splint. A splint will relieve stress and protect your hands from injuries. They restrict movement as well. Wear a splint when you are working or performing delicate tasks. If you wake in the mornings up with hand pain, then you should wear the splint as night to keep your wrist and hand aligned properly.

Slow Down When Performing High-Impact Activities

High impact activities like typing or hammering something can cause injuries or intensify hand pain. The same is true when you are working with vibrating tools or surfaces. Slow down when doing these types of high-impact activities. Moving slower will reduce strain and the potential damage the repeated impacts could cause.

Visit an Orthopaedic Specialist

A final tip is to visit an orthopaedic specialist if the pain persists for more than a week or gets worse. The specialist can provide you with an effective hand pain treatment such as a cortisone injection that might remove the problem right away. The specialist will also be able to examine your hands, determine the cause of the pain and suggest specific lifestyle changes reduce the pain.

You want to be very careful when it comes to your hands. Some injuries could be permanent and will change your life forever. It is possible to overcome hand pain and prevent injuries. These simple tips will help you to live a normal life without constant hand pain. See full conditions and treatment for hand & wrist pain.

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