Orthopaedic Hand Pain Advice and Treatment Options

Hand pain can be caused by many factors. Hand pain can be debilitating at work and at play. When simple home remedies don’t help, it is most likely time to see the orthopaedist for hand pain treatment and have them evaluate the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the causes and treatments for hand pain.

De Quervain’s Tendonitis

If you have pain radiating from your thumb up your arm especially in the wrist area, you may De Quervain’s tendonitis. Pain from this tendonitis may come on gradually or suddenly. If you have previously broken your wrist you may be more likely to develop De Quervain’s tendonitis. If you are a new mother you may have this wrist problem due to the way you carry the baby and hormones.


De Quervain’s tendonitis is caused by irritated wrist tendons. Symptoms of this disorder are having trouble grabbing objects, holding objects, moving your wrist or making a fist. Treatment options are:


•Wearing a splint


Wear A Splint



•Taking anti inflammatory medications


Anti-inflammatory Medications


•Having a cortisone shot


Cortisone Shot


•Surgery in severe cases




Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If you have pain in some of the fingers of your hand, wrist, palm and/or forearm, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome also causes weakness, tingling and numbness in the hands and frequently is worse at night, causing sleep disturbances.


People with this syndrome have trouble grabbing objects with their thumb, middle and index fingers. The syndrome is caused by inflammation of the median nerve at the base of the hand.

There are several treatments used to decrease inflammation in the wrist and easy carpal tunnel discomfort. They are:

•Rest and using a splint on the hand and wrist
•Anti inflammatory drugs
•Physical therapy
•Steroid injections
•Surgery if the symptoms persist


Physical Therapy



Arthritis symptoms in the hand include pain, swelling and stiffness. Arthritis in the hand can be caused by aging or an injury, and bony growths may appear at the ends of finger joints. Osteoarthritis is usually treated with:


Osteoarthritis of Hand


•Anti inflammatory medications
•Physical therapy

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Physical Therapy



Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, has much the same symptoms as osteoarthritis does. The joints become very painful, swollen and stiff. RA is caused by the person’s immune system attacking his or her joints and joint linings. Women are 70 percent more likely to get RA than men. The exact cause of RA is unknown. Those suffering from RA in the hands will have trouble moving their fingers and grasping objects.


Treatments for RA include:

•Medications, including biologic drugs
•Physical therapy
•Pain medication

Rheumatoid arthritis needs to be diagnosed and treated by a physician to keep hand joint damage to a minimum. Plus, the medications for RA need a doctor’s supervision.

Ask your orthopedic doctor for advice on hand pain treatment. He or she will be able to diagnose the problem, offerhand pain treatment options, and will help your hands work and feel better.