ZELTIQ CoolSculpting is the newest, non-invasive technique to effectively and gently eliminate targeted areas of unwanted fat in the body. The results are natural-looking and quite noticeable. The ZELTIQ CoolSculpting technique is different from other fat-eliminating methods because it utilises sophisticated cooling technology in order to effectively target fat bulges and gradually get rid of the cells without damaging the surrounding tissues in any way.

ZELTIQ CoolSculpting is available at Prive Clinic

CoolSculpting is an Innovative, Non-Invasive Procedure

CoolSculpting doesn’t use needles or anesthesia and therefore doesn’t require any recovery time or make incisions in the skin. The ZELTIQ CoolSculpting technique is super convenient since it only lasts about 1-3 hours in total. During treatment, patients are able to read, listen to music, work on their laptop, or simply relax. The majority of patients generally resume their daily activities on the same day the procedure is performed, including going to work or performing their usual exercise routines.

How Does ZELTIQ CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting works by freezing your fat cells, which makes them self destruct and eventually die. In time, your immune system gets to work by clearing out the fatty cell debris and re-adjusts the targeted area in order to give your body a new, sleeker silhouette.

The CoolSculpting procedure utilises a special non-invasive applicator to effectively target and eliminate fat cells located in certain areas throughout the body. The innovative device is applied to these areas to begin decreasing the temperature in order to achieve just the right amount of coldness to the targeted fat cells so they’ll eventually die.

Your body will naturally respond by launching an inflammatory reaction that will inevitably make your body eliminate the affected fat cells. What’s the result? A very noticeable difference of the targeted fat bulges (muffin top or love handles) after 2-4 months later. The entire process takes approximately 1 or 2 hours for most patients.

Immediately following the ZELTIQ CoolSculpting procedure, the lymphatic drainage is treated while vital nutrients and vitamins are delivered to the targeted area in order to revitalise the patient’s overlying skin.

Expect to See Noticeable Results

In the hands of an experienced expert, the CoolSculpting technique is highly effective in getting rid of stubborn fat pockets that have burdened the patient for years, including target areas in the upper arms, inner thighs, and tummy bulges due to pregnancies as well as muffin tops and love handles. Each freeze cycle session will successfully eradicate 20-25 percent of unwanted fat cells. The ultimate effects will start to become visible anywhere between 6-12 weeks following treatment. A repeat session on the same targeted site can be performed ten weeks later.

Who is a Good Candidate for ZELTIQ CoolSculpting?

The ideal candidate for ZELTIQ CoolSculpting in Singapore is someone who’s already in fairly good shape overall, but has some problem areas in terms of fat bulges that are stubborn to both dieting and exercise. ZELTIQ CoolSculpting is the perfect technique for people who want to remove or reduce fat pockets in their body without the need to undergo a more traditional surgical technique such as liposuction.

If you can pinch 1-2 inches of skin (fat) in the area you want to treat, then you can likely benefit from using ZELTIQ CoolSculpting procedure. The technique is designed to easily and quickly eliminate isolated fat pockets that seem to persist, even where diet and exercise have failed.

Overall, the ZELTIQ CoolSculpting technique will work best for individuals whose BMI (body mass index) is normal or under 25. A minimum of two treatments is highly recommended for best results. Sometimes more than two treatments work better if the patient has a BMI closer to 30. ZELTIQ CoolSculpting in Singapore isn’t recommended for individuals whose BMI is higher than 30. There’s potentially too much fat to properly address the target area to make a noticeable difference following treatment. ZELTIQ CoolSculpting is available at Prive Clinic.