Due to age, genetics, or an accident, millions of people will develop spinal stenosis. This condition not only causes spine pain, but also limits a person’s mobility in tremendous ways. While prescription pain medications are often administered to reduce the discomfort, other patients will opt for surgical procedures. Unfortunately, surgery is an invasive option that will require a large amount of recovery time. To reduce the spinal stenosis pain, consider these alternatives.



Utilizing hot, cold, or frozen water, hydrotherapy numbs, soothes, and eases spine pain. Thankfully, there are many hydrotherapy options. From swimming in a pool and soaking in a hot tub to the daily use of a hot compress, it it easy to see why so many patients opt for hydrotherapy.


Physical Therapy

A person with spinal stenosis may also benefit from physical therapy. After a detailed consultation, the therapist will design a plan centered around stretches, weight training, and cardiovascular exercises to rebuild muscle and strengthen the patient’s spine. While the therapy may be stressful and overwhelming at times, patients will rebuild their strength, increase mobility, and decrease pain with constant sessions.


Chiropractic Care

While surprising to hear, a chiropractor can also help eliminate a person’s pain through spinal manipulation. The chiropractor allows the patient to lay flat on a table. Then, they will use their hands to manipulate the neck and spine. This will ensure the head, shoulders, neck, and spine are aligned, which reduces pain and discomfort tremendously. Through periodic visits and prolonged use of spinal manipulation practices, patients with spinal stenosis will live a more fulfilling and active life.

It is important to note that some cases of spinal stenosis will require surgical procedures. If you feel you may be suffering with the condition and want to relieve your spine pain, consult your doctor immediately. Recommended Spine Doctor: Dr Hua Ming Siow